Macau Patuá

Macau Patuá has a history that goes back to the arrival of the Portuguese in Macau in the 16th century and the language was handed down from one generation to the next through speech or songs.

Today, fewer than 50 people in the world speak the language, with the youngest speakers grandparents and older who speak the language partially and infrequently.

There is little hope for the language to be spoken by many, but much is recorded and kept from disappearing without a trace.

The Casa is working towards storing as many recordings as possible on our webpage in future.

Here are a few recordings by Casa members for your listening pleasure.

  • Plays written by Armando Santos
    • Mano Zito com Calinho na Cafe (5 episodes)
    • Quim Vai Trata Su Papelada Na Canada (6 episodes)
  • Patuá songs by Carlos de Lemos
    • Brigado Papa Mama
    • Parabens Alfredo (set to music from "Diana" by Paul Anka)
    • Quelora Nos Velo (set to music from "Young Ones" by Stanley Black/Ronald Cass)
  • Romeu and Juleta

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